Weirdest Bingo and Gambling Superstitions

Let’s face it, the gambling community has some weird superstitions. Be the game Bingo, Poker, or any other game of chance, there is almost certain to be some strange rules. We’re not talking about sensible rules like keeping track of your bankroll, we’re talking more lucky rabbit’s foot magic.

Sure, most will say that they don’t believe in such nonsense. But regardless, some of the most sensible players also live by a bizarre set of unexplainable superstitions. Let’s take a look at some of the more unusual ones.

The Colour Red

Colour crops up a great deal in superstitions. Some prefer a lucky blue shirt, while others won’t enter a casino without their blue socks. In China the colour of choice is red. Chinese culture sees red as the colour of luck and good fortune, meaning that it is a very popular choice when it comes to casinos. Though, the red clothing may not always be visible. Why? Because the luckiest garment happens to be underwear. So if a gambler isn’t wearing a red dress it might just be their underwear that is bright and crimson.

Don’t Count Your Cash

We just mentioned that keeping track of your bankroll is a good idea, and it is. But if you believe this superstition counting your money might just be your undoing. Apparently it is a major source of bad luck, and might just anger the universe. On the other hand, many card players just consider it bad manners. Mostly because sitting and counting your chips means that everyone else is sitting around waiting.

Even still, we strongly recommend keeping track of your bankroll. Thankfully at sites like Lucky Creek online casino your money is always automatically counted.

Crossing Your Legs

Don’t look now but apparently crossing your legs while gambling is enough to annoy the luck spirits. The superstition claims that the gesture crosses away luck, which in turn kills a winning streak. This one, more than most, really does sit firmly in strange territory. The same rule applies to crossing your fingers, which is just as strange. If any player feels more lucky with uncrossed legs then that’s fine, but the effort might just be put into getting better at the game.

Bad Luck Books

This one is a little more interesting. Chinese culture is very clear about not letting others read books while you’re gambling. It seems odd at first, but keep an open mind. The Chinese word for book is shīqù, while the word for lose is remarkably similar, shū. Still a little strange, but at least there is some understandable logic behind it.

Swearing Up Some Luck

The last one is just plain fun. Apparently it is good luck to keep shouting obscenities at the white ball in Roulette. Will it work? Probably not, but at least everyone will be laughing hysterically even if the ball doesn’t fall in their favour. Of course, not everyone enjoys being blasted with obscenities while playing, so best make sure everyone is on board before starting.

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