The Casino Bar Scene

Casino’s bar scene offers more than just an opportunity for De Niro and Stone to spar; it’s also home to some of the finest well drinks and mobster-friendly service available anywhere in Vegas.

The Zombie is an iconic Tiki cocktail made with three types of rum, lime juice, falernum and grenadine. It first gained widespread recognition upon appearing on HBO’s Sex and the City show.


The Martini is an iconic cocktail enjoyed around the world for generations. Renowned for its cool, smooth taste and popular among casinogoers alike, its popularity can often be found there as well. There are various variations of this drink available; its classic combination includes gin and vermouth combined with either an olive for garnish.

A martini can be enjoyed either shaken or stirred, though some prefer stirring as shaking releases ice shards that could dilute its contents and ruin its texture. Shaken martinis are popular with high rollers and spies as it exudes sophistication and class.

A variation on the classic martini, called a dirty martini, features lemon peel and olive on a stick for garnish. There are also salty martinis made with caper brine and fino sherry; according to The Spruce Eats poll results, more than half of martini drinkers prefer gin over vodka as their beverage of choice.


A Zombie cocktail is an increasingly popular tiki drink for those who appreciate cocktails with more alcohol content. Adding spirits such as rum to this fruity drink amps up its alcohol content; and can be served in either a Collins glass or specialty glassware for optimal enjoyment.

The Zombie cocktail consists of rum, lime juice, falernum, grenadine and simple syrup – an exotic concoction created by Donn Beach of Don the Beachcomber restaurant in Hollywood that became infamous and set the Tiki craze into motion.

Tiki drinks require extra work when it comes to creation, but they are well worth your efforts! Perfect for hot summer evenings. Crescent School of Gaming and Bartending can assist in exploring this world by teaching a wide variety of bartending courses to prepare you for life in casino industry! Reach out today for more details.


At a bar scene increasingly dominated by margaritas and sidecars, the Cosmopolitan stands out as an easy and vibrant pink cocktail to make. First popularized by Sarah Jessica Parker’s character Carrie Bradshaw on Sex and the City in the ’90s, its popularity quickly spread beyond Hollywood and into other bars around the country. Similar to Kamikaze drinks which also contain vodka, cranberry juice, and lime, its ingredients include vodka, cranberry juice and lime.

The Cosmopolitan has become a favorite in casino bars worldwide. There are various variations of it available, ranging from White Cosmos (made with St-Germain instead of Cointreau) to variations made with gin; all serve as staples at casino bars where it’s typically served in large cocktail glasses. Treasure Island casino offers Macallan 12 in their Cosmopolitans for video poker players who have earned enough comps; other casinos may short pour so guests don’t taste alcohol directly.

Old Fashioned

An old-school casino movie would be hard to imagine without male characters holding drinks at their blackjack tables, whether bourbon, rum or mezcal being popular choices. Old Fashioned cocktails provide the ideal solution: any spirit can be used as long as its other ingredients complement and enhance its base spirit.

Whiskey, sugar, and bitters form one of the fundamental building blocks of mixology; their combination makes an elegant cocktail suitable for casino settings with its classic and sophisticated appeal. This sophisticated beverage provides the ideal backdrop to match the stylish atmosphere at gaming tables.

As with any beverage, this one should be served over a large block of clear ice. To create it, fill a mug with water and freeze it – this way the block of clear ice will melt slower and look even better in your drink!

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